Archiving old pages


We have quite a few pages that we have built in the past that we no longer use. We don’t want to delete these pages in case we use them or features we have built on them in the future.

It would be useful and a lot easier to be able to ‘archive’ them so they don’t show on the general page list every day, but are still there for us to go back to in the future.

Is there anyway to do this at the moment?


A few ideas: 

1.  Assuming you are using the SFDC managed package - look into the “Modules” picklst field.  You can add a picklist values to this field, and then limit the pages in your view to those with the “active” module. 

2.  You can also use the page pack mechanism to create a JSON file of your pages.  And then delete them from Salesforce.  Keep the JSON file around and you can re-implement it later.  Or put it in a sandbox.   The Skuid_Grunt tool can do this from the command line in case you want to automate the backup of old pages.  

3.  Since pages are just a data object in salesforce,  use your data export tool of choice to retrieve the data for backup.  Then delete what you don’t want to use. 

Lots of options. 

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the quick reply!

In terms of using a module, it didn’t really work for us as we have some pages in a module and some not in a module we put into a page pack. So I might be wrong, but I believe, even if we add them to an ‘inactive module’, there is no way on the page list to say show all pages except for one module, we can only filter to show a specific module, no module or all the pages.

In terms of storing the pages the other two are both excellent points! I guess the only drawback is we have to unpack page pack or upload the csv of the export when we want to look at them/use them again or copy the code for parts of what we have already built.

Thanks again!