Apps list in Navigation User Menu is short and out of order

This is really a minor problem, but I thought it should be noted.

The Apps list that comes as part of the user menu only shows 7 apps (even though I have about 15), and it doesn’t show them in the order that I’ve specified in salesforce.

The Sort Order problem should be fixed in the next release of Banzai (7.6).

However, I’m not sure why certain apps are missing from the list. Is there anything “common” to the apps missing from Skuid, but shown in the standard apps picker? It looks like all the ones missing are custom apps, but Skuid is a custom app as well and is included, as is Batch Data Entry, I believe. 

All the apps that are missing are Custom apps that are NOT part of an Installed Package.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong when I create apps?

Aha! The common denominator is: custom apps not in a namespace.

We’re trying to figure out why these aren’t showing up. Don’t worry, you’re not doing anything wrong :slight_smile:

That’s what I like to hear!

The missing apps should appear with the next version of Banzai, 7.6 — there was a bug that was causing them to be excluded.

Quick work! Thanks. You guys are the best. 

All the apps are showing up in 7.7… but they’re still not in order?

Skuid order:

SFDC (desired) order:

Confirmed, still not in order. I think we’ve figured out the problem for real this time :slight_smile: