Apply SFDC Lookup Filters to reference fields

Currently, Skuid does not automatically filter reference fields by the defined SFDC Lookup Filters of a field.  I remember a discussion of this a long time back but can’t find the thread currently.

I would like to see automatic support for SFDC Lookup Filters.  Being able to specify lookup filters on Skuid fields is great, but more often than not, the filters required as exactly the same as what is already defined in SFDC.  This leads to duplication of logic which has a maintenance cost and increases risk.  Within a single page, you might have a lookup field in a Field Editor and have that same lookup field in a table and/or in another component inside of a drawer or popup.  That is multiple places on just a single page to ensure you have the same configuration.  Putting that same field on another page?  More duplication.

Since Skuid filters are incredibly powerful, I don’t think it should be a one or the other nor a “union.”  Instead, I would see something like the following -

In the filter options, a checkbox that indicates “apply SFDC lookup filters”.  If checked, SFDC filters are applied as well as any custom filters specified.  If not checked, only specified filters are applied.

Adding this feature would significantly reduce configuration, maintenance and risk.

Thank you!

This has been discussed.  And requested in other circles. It is an outstanding Idea in our backlog.  I"m changning this to “under consideration”.  If others concur with its value - vote it up…