Apply Global Multi-Select Option (lookup) filters on multiple model


I am able to use date range, select option filter on multiple model.

But when i added Global filter as Multi-Select Option then in snippet code i am getting blank value in Condition.value.

So how can we apply Multi-Select Options filter on multiple models using snippet?

See attached screen shot:

The Owner filter as multi select filter and when i selected a user then in Condition.value i got blank value.

Hi All,

Got it solution for that issue.

If we are using multi select options then in Condition.value we will got blank value.
So in that case we have need to use Condition.Values. It will return array of selected values.

In attached screen shot you will see more details regarding value and values property.

In snippet you can use as follows:

CurrentPropertiesModel.setCondition(condition,condition. values );


Thanks for sharing, Rajendra!