Apply default values to a field in all records in a model on loading

I’m creating a Configure Price Quote, Contract, Project Management & Resource Planning system for Construction. The schema is rather complex. I’m fairly certain the queries in which I use to generate the Skuid UI will too much for Conga Composer or for me to effectively manage to use in Conga Composer

My quote line items are related to the quote via several different relationships. Very useful for my estimators and project being able to manage several groupings of tasks based on their originating requirement.

So, that said, some tasks are directly related to the quote. Some are related through a child relationship, then parent , then child and lastly another child. The tasks themselves do have access to all the required data to display them in composer. Done using parent relationships, SF rollups and Passage Tech rollups.

I do have a method in mind to dynamically ensure tasks related to the quote through one of the myriad of the relationships can update one field in my Tasks object.

Here it is. Upon saving the model, I’d like to create unique value every time for the quote and apply this value to a new field called “SkuidQuoteID”. It has to be unique because tasks can be removed from the quote without being deleted.

This way I can easily query the Tasks object with the unique SkuidQuoteID of the quote.