Apply default value for automatic table filter

Automatic filters are extremely handy and avoid a lot of extra declaritive configuration that would otherwise be necessary.

Would like to see a way to configure a default value for the filter so that it is applied on page load.

For example, use an Automatic Filter to filter Accounts based on OwnerId where the default filter value on page load is the current $User.userId

You could do this if you had a small and stable group of users by creating filter options for each one that activated and deactivated filterable conditions, but I’m sure that isn’t what you are going for. I have bumped up against this too in other ways. Perhaps Skuid could create a setting for “Deactivate existing filters on this field” option that would automatically deactivate current conditions when a filter option is chosen. Then you could could put a model condition set to filterable default on that restricts the OwnerId field and then when you make a choice with your filter, it would deactivate that condition.

You’re thinking along the right lines and this type of feature is available with “Manual” filter sources but not automatic.  With manual sources, you can “Add Effects” and take actions against other conditions when the condition in the filter changes.  Unfortunately, “Add Effect” isn’t available with automatic conditions.  Ultimately, I’d like to see default values and add effect added to automatic conditions.

Agreed. This would be handy

Cannot agree more. Would be very helpful to be able to manipulate the values of an automatic filter with javascript.