Apply and cancel buttons in "Mass Update Selected Rows" popup Window Not Working In IE 11 on single

When the IE browser zoom size is more than 100%(it may differ by monitor dimensions/resolution)  i.e. Simply when the Mass Update Popup window exceeds the IE browser window, then Apply and cancel buttons on "Mass Update Selected Rows" popup Window has to be clicked twice in order to close the Mass Update Popup window.

Please let me know if it can be resolved.

Here is my snarky answer:  Use Chrome,  or don’t expand your size more than 100%. 

But no.  That’s not a realistic answer…

I know we have done a lot of work on those automatic popups and when I try to reproduce this issue on the release that is coming out in a few weeks I cannot reproduce it.  That makes me believe that you will not face the issue once you have installed Banzai. 

Patience my friend.  Patience… 

That's Great .. :)

Thanks Rob .