App Skuidified, but now code coverage in managed package is an issue.

Have a managed package that used to use a lot of Apex and Visualforce. Since skuidifying the app, none of it is required any longer.

Problem is that code coverage is now at 69%. Is there an easy way to fix this? I would just as delete it after backing it up, but it’s part of a managed package.

TBH I don’t have any experience with code coverage.

Can I simply comment it out?

Also, I probably just need a quick 5-10 session on how to do this. It’s likely that what needs to be done will be done multiple, so as soon as I’ve done once with assistance, I’ll be good to go.

For the time being, we are not submitting a new package due to time constraints.

This is also rather urgent to get this resolved. :S

Hey Pat, you can enable deletion of managed package components by logging a case with salesforce support - not everything can be deleted, and you need to be careful about the structure of your package, but you can delete triggers & classes if needed (assuming they are now completely unnecessary). Good overview of deleting managed components here -


Ping me via back channel tomorrow and I will pair up with you and take a look.


We’ll do. Not sure we have enough time to execute that. :confused: Need to the package for show this weekend.

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How about option to uninstall managed package and go from there. 

This is an odd situation. I would do just that, but this is for an app that is already on the AppExchange. It was completely reliant on the visualforce and apex to meet many non-standard requirements.

The owners of the app then discovered Skuid and decided to essentially scrap everything they done, other than the schema, and build with Skuid.

Now the interesting part. They have a trade show they are going to and they want to release the new version for it. The show is next week. So, they are obligated to keep the apex and visualforce as orphans in order in order to not have to do another 6  week security review to submit a new app without any orphans.

Besides, it would be cruel to jettison the orphans so quick.

I did manage to make the necessary updates to the code with the help Irvin.

I really like this line:

“discovered Skuid and decided to essentially scrap everything they done, other than the schema, and build with Skuid.”


some good english they’re two "…scrap everything they done… "

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