api for queues

where can i find the api for queue’s. I’m trying to read the list of filters on the queue and see which of them are set and to what value they are set i’ve poked around in the api pages but can find them mentioned thanks

if i run a snippet when a queue item is clicked on, do i have access to the queue object inside that snippet ?

Yes! If you create a javascript snippet - you’ll get the following default text at the top of the script:

var params = arguments[0], $ = skuid.$;

The params variable here will return an object that provides info about the record that was just clicked on within the queue (in particular, params.row will give you that info).  In addition, you have all the model information within params.model.

For more information, add this line into your snippet:


In your browser console (Option + Command + J in Chrome), you’ll see the output of params and you can use that object info in your JS snippet!

Good luck -