Apex heap size too large debug

I am getting the following error “Apex heap size too large: 16382976” when user has added an attachment. Does anyone knows how I can find out exactly what is causing the error?

You are trying to load more records.Reduce size in the model.See this post.

When the page loads there are no errors. It only happens after adding an attachment. The file is being added followed by error message. 

Please see attached image, This only happens after attaching a file using Upload button

I think you are including the “Body” field in your attachment model.  With Attachments that can be several MG in size,  your model will blow up!  You can’t use the body field anyway - so get rid of it…

Thank you Bhavesh Rob,  I do not have body field in Attachment, when I refresh the page there is no error and all the attachments are listed. The error only appears when a new attachment is uploaded. 

Two quick questions, what version of Skuid are you using, and what is the file size of the file that’s being uploaded?

Hi Ben, 

Skuid Version: 7:16 file size 13 bytes. I hope this helps. Thanks

Very strange I’d have to take a deeper look. Are you able to grant login access to Skuid using these instructions?

Hi Ben, I have granted Skuid login access. Do you know where I should send steps to recreate the error message? Please let me know. Thanks

Having the same issue.
@Andrew & @Ben would you mind posting the solution if you have any.