Apex Data Source Action executes many times in Spark 12.0.7 API V1

In Spark 12.0.7 API V1 version, every time when I select more than 1 row, Apex Data Source Action is executed with multiple calling to Invocable method.

Additionally, I can’t pass a record id array to this Invocable method as well with this error. I found that this issue didn’t occur in Skuid’s previous versions.

Please help to check.


Please help to check this issue. It impacts our current working.


More information about how this is set up might be helpful. But “select more than 1 row” suggests a Mass Action on a table.

Pre-Spark, I found that a javascript snippet would execute multiple times on a mass action IF the snippet was called from a Custom button, but only executed once if the button was Run Multiple Actions.

There may be something similar going on here. And maybe, in Spark, the Run a…Snippet action will also run for each row on a Run Multiple button type. Fixing bugs can also create bugs.


The issue is similar for Field Editor component on mass action. 
In my screenshot, I expect only one row but it displays 3 rows corresponding to the number of selected rows in the table.

This is a critical issue for us. Please help to resolve.


Hi Skuid,

Please help to resolve this issue. It impacts to our current working.

Kevin, it sounds like you have a Mass Action that is running a “Create new row” action, and then a “Run Data Source Action” after that, is that correct? Can you give us more details about what the sequence of actions is that you are running? 

If you have a Mass Action, it is expected behavior that all actions defined for that Mass Action will be executed for each selected row. If you do not want this to happen, you might need to reconsider how you are building your page, perhaps moving the logic to create this row / call the invocable apex method outside of the Mass Action.

Thank Zach.

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