Apex cpu time out issues

Is anyone else experiencing a lot of time out issues. In our production or clicking a link to open another skuid page is giving cpu time out issues. If I refresh a couple of times eventually the page will load. We are also seeing that some our classes that get kicked off via a Skuid button are timing out. 

I don’t seem to see any pattern as to when it will happen. Trying to see if this is a bigger issue or something specific to us.


The exact error is: Apex CPU time limit exceeded. An unexpected error has occurred. Your solution provider has been notified. (skuid)

If you refresh it usually will load the page.

Tami, are you still experiencing this time out error?

Hey Ben,

I have not received any more reports. I asked people to restart, clear cache and cookies. This was an issue in version 10.0.27.

Thanks for checking in.