Anyone used Skuid in Outlook Email Application Pane?

I’m curious if anyone has used Skuid within Salesforce’s Outlook Email Application pane.

I think there could be some pretty interesting use cases in using Skuid within the outlook plugin. I just don’t know how to get started with loading the relevant records.

I’m interested in any feedback from others who have implemented solutions in outlook using Skuid.

Hey @Brayden_Smith,

Good call out! It’s very interesting and I asked and it has been implemented before but using Lightning Inbox. In terms of implementation(from one of our devs):

Lightning Inbox is essentially the same thing for Gmail and Outlook.

I will put this on my todo list and try to recreate this and share it out if I can figure it out :sweat_smile:

Wish me luck haha


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Good luck @Germany! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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