Anyone had success in overriding the standard View 'action' for Quotes?

We have added SKUID pages to override the standard Quote tab and detail pages.  We’d like to override the standard ‘view’ action for quotes.  However, it looks like Salesforce does not provide a ‘standard’ view action to override.

Has anyone done this?

This is mucho strange. I have the View override in my orgs. Are you on PE or somthing like that? Might be worth a case with salesforce…

Alternatively, you might have to make all links to quotes go to specific skuid pages rather than use overrides. Or put the quote feature inside your opporutnity detail page so you don’t have to do a page refresh to get there…

Rob, Thanks for the reply. I think this is a case for Salesforce. We are on Enterprise edition. Best! Bill

Rob, We are on Enterprise edition. I think this is a case for Salesforce. Thanks for the reply! Bill


In looking at this further, I checked a developer org to verify what links Salesforce sets up. My developer org does not have the ‘View’ action.

Going back to your screenshot, I see that you have added the View action to your setup of Quotes. I have done the same but it is not working. We are using Sdocs to generate the quote. There is a ‘back’ link that sends the user back to ‘/{{Id}}’. The View action that I added is not sending the user to the Skuid version of the quote detail page.

Would you share the setup of your View action on quotes. Here is how mine is setup:
!( View_ Salesforce_-Enterprise_Edition-_Pale_Moon_inline.png “Image:\_images/1315757/RackMultipart20151122-15872-1xxk5b5-2015-11-22\_12\_41\_44-Quote\_Custom\_Button\_or\_Link\_\_View\_\_\_Salesforce\_-\_Enterprise\_Edition\_-\_Pale\_Moon\_inline.png?1448214372”)

Ok.  My bad.  It is a custom link,  which you would have to add to your page.  This does not override the /((Id}} action.  Boo. 

I think your only option is to code all links to quotes with the specific skuid page url and ID combination.   Somthing like: 


Salesforce has not completely opened up the standard Quote object so replacing with Skuid can be a challenge e.g Syncing and Approvals.

Irvin/Rob…thanks for you input on this.  I can handle the links between Skuid pages.  I am trying to work around a link in an Sdocs page.  It just returns to /{{Id}}.  This is where I would need the override.  I will check with Sdocs to see if anything can be done.  Best!

Is the link available in the Buttons, Links, and Actions Setup section in one of the SDocs custom object?

Can you make a custom link in sDocs? 

Irvin/Rob…Thanks for the replies.  I think the issue is that the link I want to override is (I think) hard coded on one of Sdocs apex pages.  Here is a screenshot of the ‘back’ link after generating a document in Sdocs.

This is a custom Visualforce page, so yes, the link is custom.