Anyone able to use Bootstrap with Skuid?

I am looking for more of a bootstrap look and feel.  I would love to // from but I am not getting it to work.  Any thoughts or suggestion would be appreciated?  I already followed instructions within the tutorials on custom css but I am looking for more.  Let me know if more detail will help you answer.

At end of the day… I love Skuid versus Salesforce UI but I want a tighter cleaner interface.

Hey Michael … so what have you tried so far? In theory, you should be able to load that CSS as a resource in your Skuid page and it would be available. But the harder work from there is to apply the Bootstrap styles to the Skuid classes in order to style Skuid components. We’ve overridden most of the Skuid classes in our app with our own styling, but we haven’t applied a third-party CSS like Bootstrap. So I’m only partial help, I suspect.

To Glenn’s point, I wonder if it wouldn’t actually be more work to try to make Skuid work with Bootstrap, rather than simply using Bootstrap as a style reference for your own custom CSS. 

I wondered exactly the same. And in fact, when I took a look at Bootswatch, I inspected their styles and “borrowed” a few new ideas that I incorporated into our custom CSS in Skuid. (It’s the sincerest form of flattery, you know :slight_smile: )

We started with a theme builder on jQuery then modified the classes in Skuid as well and it works great and looks awesome.  I would also encourage this route. You can achieve a look and feel that looks nothing like the native SF if you desire.  Just look at some of the screenshots Glenn as posted on various posts! He has a awesome UI. You can easily achieve the Bootstrap look and feel. 

JQuery theme builder is a great idea. :slight_smile: Wish we’d thought of that months ago. :frowning:

I have a similar issue which I need urgent help with…
I want to build an UI using bootstrap componants e.g.

If I want to build the same flexslider used on this page,how do I go about it?

I have used the jquery,flexslider js files from this page but it’s not triggering the flexslider…