Any way to set a queue filter to NOT remember users last filter setting?

I want queue filters to clear on page refresh. How can I make that happen?

Hey Matt, in filter properties just unclick “Remember last-selected filter value in cookies.” This will clear queue filters when the page is refreshed. Cheers!

I may be missing something, but it appears that this option is not available for automatically generated date filters:

Whoa that’s so weird. Because when you set the Date Range condition source to manual, the “remember last-selected filter value” property shows up again.  Any ideas, anyone, as to why it doesn’t work for Auto-generated date range?

Interestingly, if I hack the XML to set the remember property to false, the filter breaks (does not display in runtime).

The same thing happens if I switch the filter condition source to manual, uncheck the box, save, switch back to auto, and save again (A sort of ui/manual way to hack the XML). Filter breaks.