Any way to see what pages are using another page via "page includes"?

I’ve been moving towards creating separate small pages that are then used on multiple pages - for example, I have a “task” page that I then include on any other page (account, case, etc) and the outer page passes a parameter to filter down to tasks with that WhatId.

Overall, this seems like a cleaner approach (and much easier to maintain) compared to recreating the models, tables, etc on each page. But the problem I’m running into is now I don’t know how to tell which pages are referencing my “task” page - I need to make some changes to the parameters it’s expecting, but I’m not sure what other pages might break.

Is there a way for me to see which pages are dependent on one another?

The global search that Salesforce provides will crawl through the XML that builds the Skuid pages and return hits.  You can put anything from the Skuid Page XML record into that search box and get a list of all the pages where that is found.  So for example if you search on:   pagename=“LeadDetail.Queue”   You will get all the pages that call that page include. 

Awesome, that gives me exactly what I need! Thanks, Rob.