Any way to conditionally render table columns?

I’m trying to move several sections of our pages into separate pages that are then referenced via page-includes. For example, I’ve created a tasks page that accepts parameters for whoid, whatid and ownerid and I can now put it on any detail page and have it show the relevant tasks.

What I’d like to do is hide certain columns on certain pages. Mainly, I want to have the tasks page on the homepage and hide the ownerid column - I’m passing a parameter to the page-include so that it’s only showing their own tasks, so showing them the ownerid column seems unnecessary. Is there a way to hide columns?

Conditional rendering (as implemented in other areas of skuid) has not been applied to Table Columns.  Here are a few alternatives. 

1. Conditionally render the whole table for each of the scenarios you describe.   That may be overkill…
2. Use template components for the columns in question and use the Mustache Merge syntax to conditionally display text.  (This was a feature prior to the declarative conditional rendereing and in this case it may be viable).  

Here is a tutorial that describes that sort of conditional rendering: