Any recommendations on debugging skuid pages on Community Portals?

Wondering if there are any recommendations for debugging Skuid on pages used on Community Portals? I am not able to use the Console Skuid model debugging but would be great if I could.

What do others do?


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Hey @harry_silverstone !

We found this doc that will help you debug your page in lightning:

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks for the suggestion. I have used this with Lightning pages on a dev sandbox successfully before. I did try this before asking and tried again after your comment but not working. This is what I get:


Hey @harry_silverstone ,

It seems to be that you’re still not storing it as a global variable. To clarify, when you right click the {...} and click Store as global variable it doesn’t return anything?



After I enter

I get back,

I right click on the {…} and click Store as global variable

so far think this is correct.

then I enter
var skuid = temp1;

and get undefined.

I tried nonetheless to see if I could get to my Skuid page via

I am doing this as I want to see the values being stored in the Models.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Hey @harry_silverstone ,

Quick question are you using Chrome?
If so, then there is a bug with chrome and a temp workaround is to:

Open the object up and right-click on a property inside the object. Then you should be able to appropriately right-click that object

Then you should be able to follow the steps outlined in the docs.
I hope that helps. :crossed_fingers:t5:

Sorry for the delay in replying. I am using Microsoft Edge.
Would it be possible to have a quick zoom call - anytime Friday 6-Aug or after works or if you could send me a quick video on how you are clicking on the object/property?

Hi @anon57098112,
Wanted to let you know that I was able to figure it out and get to the object. Working well!
Thank you!!!

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@harry_silverstone That’s great! how were you able to do it?

@anon57098112 I realized that when I was entering:
it was giving me the model data so I tried:

and got the skuid models and values!

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