Any pointers on implementing a Main-Table filters to control/filter data in other tables in Skuid Pa

Instead of using the actual table filter functionality, you could instead use page titles or navigation items to activate and set the value of model conditions then requery the model. That should have the effect of “filtering” many tables from the same button.

Yes, in this case I am trying , this is a picklist field .

Not sure how this works.

Also forgot to mention, the model is a REST model I am using , which gets data from an Apex controller. 

Picklist fields are Ui-Only , gets populated on page load by custom field renderers.

Interesting scenario.  

If I understand correctly - your picklist values are being generated by the REST model,  and you want use these values as the options in a filter on another model.   You should look into the “Field from another model” source for filters.  Build your filter on the second model and have the values be sourced from the REST model. 

Alternatively,  you could use the the cross model linked conditions that Pat Vachon proposed.


Good one!
I will try this . . . 

Thank You.