Any body running into issues with Build Page Packs?

Doesn’t matter how many pages 1 or 20 trying to pack.

Clicking “Build Pack” generates the following error:

There was an error creating the null Page Pack: The Static Resource name can only contain alphanumeric characters, must begin with a letter, and must be unique.: Name

Running: 12.4.8



Just checking, have you tried all of the obvious things mentioned in the error message (making sure the static resource name only has letters and numbers, begins with a letter, and that you don’t have any other page packs under the same name)? If you want to verify that the name you’re trying to use if unique, you can open the Salesforce Developer Console, go to Query Editor, and run the following query:

SELECT Name FROM StaticResource WHERE Name = ‘PagePackName’

where “PagePackName” is the name of the page page that you are trying to specify. If you don’t get any results in the query, then your page pack name is unique.

Also, it sounds like you’re trying to create a new page pack, not package into an existing page pack?



Thanks Emily! The issue resolved (not quite sure why in fact). However, yes had checked all of those issues but they were good targets. (Now I am running into a different issue , that I will post separately);

Glad that issue resolved, Arne-Per. Thanks for the update.