An error occurred while attempting to load the "maps" component pack

Hi Experts, I’m trying to update the runtime.js and builder.js files in the static resource zip file. I update the zip file and uploaded it to the same static resource but when I go back to the page builder I see the below error 1. An error occurred while attempting to load the “maps” component pack: the Static Resource file at URL “/resource/1481973214000/mapsComponents/skuid_builders.json” could not be retrieved… Can someone please tell me what I’m missing? Thanks!

If you have caching on, you may need to update the cache on your component pack.

Also, make sure you have everything spelled correctly in your custom component definition.

Hmm I think I’ve run in this before too…not sure if this solves your issue, but have you tried uploading a folder instead of a zip file?

Here is the right way to update the runtime.js or builder.js file and upload them successfully.

  1. update your runtime.js or builder.js file or other files that need to be updated
  2. select all and zip as you see in the image below
  3. rename the file to the same name as the static resource. ex.
  4. Upload as static resource.
  5. if you have caching on, then go to the component pack and update cache.