Amazon Storage in Skuid Page !!

Hello, Can we use Amazon Storage in our task page when we insert new task. Please tell me can we use the Amazon storage in Skuid Page?If yes, then how? Looking ahead for an quick response? Thanks. Arpit

“The AWS SDK for JavaScript enables you to directly access AWS services from JavaScript code running in the browser. Authenticate users through Facebook, Google, or Login with Amazon using web identity federation. Store application data in Amazon DynamoDB, and save user files to Amazon S3. A single script tag is all you need to start using the SDK.” the amazon sdk provides javascript calls you can make in your code to access amazon services.

Hello Ktyler. Thanks for the reply but can you please explain a little more on how we can use the Amazon Storage in Sales force in Skuid Page. Thanks. Arpit

Arpit, Take a look at the page I put a link to. The problem is to learn how to call the amazon API in javascript on a page… once you learn how to do that, then you can call it on your SKUID pages. Learning how to do that is probably beyond what i can explain here. Amazon documentation provides help and examples… give it a try.

@Arpit, did you ever succeed in the approach suggested by @ktyler?  I have a similar situation, where a client wants to use amazon s3 with squid.