Allow Ordering - What does the feature work?

Enabling a column for sorting by setting the Allow Ordering option seems like it would be a no-brainer. But it still seems to be a mystery, particularly if you enable more than one column. It would be nice to tell a user what to expect when they click the arrows and what the flyout digits mean.

Mike, can you explain your question or issue?

Sorry. The question was supposed to read either, “What does the option do?” or "How does the feature work?"

At run time, there is an Up arrow and a Down arrow in the column header. When you mouse-over them, a number appears. I’m seeing 1, 2, 3, and 4, and only have 3 sortable columns. The Up arrow causes a descending sort, the Down arrow, ascending. But what are the numbers? Can I sort the rows by multiple columns? Do the arrows let me cycle through sort-ascending, sort-descending, and default order (presumably based on the model itself)?

Yes, you can sort by multiple columns. the idea is, as follows:

Sort column B ascending, then sort column C ascending, you’ll see that there’s a “1” in column C and a “2” in column B. it’s assumed that column C should take precedence in the sort and that column B should be secondary (i.e. if two rows in col C are equal it should then sort by col B)