Allow Inline Record Creation in v2 table?

Do v2 tables not support inline record creation?  I don’t see the option.


Good question - no, V2 tables do not have an out-of-the box icon for creating records — we decided to simplify the table component’s configuration and feature set by eliminating this one-off feature, and pushing instead for all “global actions” on a table to function and be configured the same way. So in V2, the way to achieve this is simply to add a global action that creates a new row in the table’s model.

Bummer.  I’d encourage reconsideration of that one.  Quick add of a record is pretty different than many other global actions, and the v1 visual separation was intuitive and faster/easier for a novice to configure.  Nothing prevented a v1 builder from doing it the way you described if it met their needs, but I bet many choose to use it because they preferred it.

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Thanks for this good feedback, Paul! We will pass it along to our Product team for consideration. I certainly understand your perspective and we do want Skuid to be an intuitive platform for all to use! 

Keep the good feedback coming as you come across it!