Allow guest user to attach file on site?

Oh, yeah, that won’t work. Guest user can’t edit contact, only create contacts. So if you are trying to add a value to a lookup field on a contact that exists, it won’t work.

Hi Ben. I’ve got things working but not for files over 600kb w/ or w/out API Enabled.

Any thoughts?


That’s strange. Are you using 7.20? With the “API Enabled” unchecked, it should revert to the older method of uploading files and you should get up to 10MB to work.

7.20 & “API Enabled” unchecked.

Can you post or email me a link to the site?


Just to add to Greg earlier comment about FormAssembly, I got to say it's a pretty solid app for any kind of forms

Started using it 6 months ago and made our life so much easier for internal and external use of salesforce

Creating all kind of different forms , even some to include e-signature, branching logics, a breeze .

As well it can be prefilled with info from record(s) or just to create new leads/account....

My 2nd favorite app for SF , now that I found skuid lol

“2nd favorite app…”  Smile…  I like the way you think…

Hi Greg, I spent couple of hours figuring this out. This worked perfectly. Thank you!