Allow different on/off field labels for toggle filters

When using table filters with the toggle option, it would be helpful if there was an option for two field labels i.e. a label for when the toggle is on and another for when it is off. The Show All button is a toggle filter. Right now, it is Showing All, and I would prefer to set the label to be Hide All (or something like that) and have the button still look active.

So,  here is a possble solution. It may not be everything you want, but it may work. 

Instead of a toggle filter,  use a “select option” filter type.   Remove the “Filter off” option and then add two manual sources.  One has a lable of “Show All” and deactivates the condition you have set up.  The second has a lable of “Hide All” and activates the condition. 

This will let the users go back and forth between the two options pretty seamlessly. 

I forgot i posted this a year ago and was about to repost the same idea. I year later, i still want it!

Is anyone able to provide a solution to this? Rob’s solution works, but is not ideal.