Allow Automatic date range table filter to forget values on page load.

I have a date range filter on a table. Unlike other filters, it does not seem like you can force the filter to clear upon page reload. I am assuming there is no way to get this filter to clear each time the page loads?

Table filters will remember using cookies even if the filter is no longer set to do so. Maybe you just to need to clear your page cache. If you’re using Chrome, then open your console and long press the refresh option. You additional options where you one allows you to clear the cache.

After you have the filters cleared using Pat’s techniques…

If you connect your date range filter to a set of existing date conditions you will get the option to remember the filter values or not.

Thanks guys. Not a cache issue. It keeps the date range across multiple computers. Rob’s work around will work in MOST cases, but I’ll humbly submit my request to add a “remember last-selected filter value” to the custom date range option if possible. Thanks!

This option should be available with the “Auto Generate Conditions” Condition Source.

Yes. Can we get a ‘remember’ option for auto-generated date filters?