All users can view skuid pages in recently refreshed sandboxes, regardless of license.

Our sandbox orgs have been refreshed recently and they seem to have unlimited licenses, which is great, but it is not allowing us to test functionality when not using a Skuid page.  Our visualforce page that determines if they have a license is always displaying the skuid page.

When reviewing the different sandboxes, there are two versions with this issue so this does not appear to be version related (8.8 and 8.11).  Both of these orgs were recently refreshed and behave differently than two different sandboxes that behaves like prod and were not recently refreshed (where we have limited licenses).

Affected Orgs – The status of the package is Free and there is no limit to the amount of licenses that can be assigned.  It is behaving like all users have the licenses in these instances.

Prod and non recently refreshed sandboxes – The status of the package is Active and there is a limit to the amount of licenses that can be assigned.  It is behaving as expected.

A workaround for this issue is to put a url parameter nooverride=1 in the url, but I'm wondering if anyone has found a solution for this issue, or if other users are experiencing this issue.


After the refresh occurred, was anything changed on the profiles? Do any of them have view all/modify all permission? Did anything change with the pages and page assignments? Did the permission sets change?



To answer your questions:

  1. Nothing should have changed on the profile. We give most permissions out using permission sets.
  2. The users do not have view/modify all.
  3. The pages have been changed, but the page assignments have not.
  4. Permission sets have been changed, but nothing that should have caused this issue.

More details:

I double checked this morning after your post to confirm nothing was done to the profiles and permission sets to cause this.

I set up a new user and gave them the bare minimum profile + permission set needed to create/view cases and checked that the view all and modify all permission on these objects was still false.

The permission sets don’t have the view/modify all permission and the user does not have a skuid license or the skuid page viewer permission set, but they are still being redirected to the skuid page.

Here is our visualforce page code.

<apex:page standardController=“Case” extensions=“skuid.Redirects”
showHeader=“true” sidebar=“false” readonly=“true” docType=“html-5.0”
action=“{!IF(canUseSkuid,‘’,redirect)}” title=“New {!$ObjectType.Case.label}”>
<skuid:page page=“CRM-NewCasePage” />



For page assignments, the VisualForce code is different than if you are not using page assignments like shown here in step 3. Here’s an example of what the VisualForce code should look like if you are using page assignments:

<apex:page standardController=“Account” recordsetvar=“a” extensions=“skuid.Redirects” action=“{!redirect}?objectType=Account&actionType=Tab”>


Do you also have page assignments specifying that other profiles should be directed to standard Salesforce layouts like shown here?

Do either of those two actions solve your problem?




Thanks for the information.  I should have been more specific when I said there was no change to the page assignments.  What I should have said is we don’t use page assignments.  We redirect to both our pages (a new and a view) using the format in step 3 of your first link.

Our visualforce pages match the examples in this link (example in previous post)-…

I can attempt to use the page assignments to see if this resolves the issue, but I would rather not because it seems like it would just ignore the issue instead of finding out what it is.  I’m assuming the skuid.redirects extension should still work, and with the visualforce page matching the format on the help page, it makes me believe something else is causing this issue.

I realize that there are many configuration issues that could have changed to cause this (which we easily could have done) and that helping troubleshoot is very difficult so I will keep looking at our setup and appreciate all of your help.


Bryan.  Generally when a Skuid Package is installed in a sandbox - it defaults to a site license.  This is great for dev and general testing cuz you don’t have to worry about managing a specific number of licenses and turning the license on and off for particular users.   This is the default from Salesforce for managed packages. 

However - in situations like yours - where you want to test the behavior when some users do and some users DONT have the Skuid license - it is not optimal. 

We can change your license so that it has a defined number of users.  This means you will have to allocate these licenses for your sandbox users, but you will also have users that DONT have the skuid license. 

Please send an email to  with the Org ID of this sandbox and the number of Skuid licenses you would like us to provide for you.  

Hope this helps. 


Thanks for the information.  Contacted and they got it changed very quickly.

This issue is resolved, but I’m not sure how to mark the post as resolved.