All Lightning Components not appearing in Sandbox with Custom Domain Name

Thanks for your help Zach!!
It is working now after upgrading to v7.12.
I am experiencing a different issue though. I am trying to add lightning components under namespace aura, ui and force in skuid lightning page builder. However the component lookup is providing a limited set of available components under those namespaces and not listing the all components listed by salesforce. Is there any limitation on choosing the out of the box lightning component list.
One clarification: This is happening only on sandbox with custom domain name. The skuid pages created on my personal dev org is showing all available lightning components. Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Internal Server Error Attempting to Build Page in Lightning.

Riji, which components are you trying to use? We only support components at present from the ui: and force: namespaces.

I am trying to lookup components like ui:button, ui:menu, ui:inputXXX. For some reason it is not showing any components under ui: namespace

Riju, we can confirm that we are experiencing this same behavior. Based on conversations with Lightning Components Product Manager Skip Sauls, all components in the ui: and force: namespaces are going to be made “private” in Winter 16, eliminating the ability for apps such as Skuid to make use of them, and limiting the set of usable Lightning Components to custom components local to your org and components installed from managed packages.

Wow! That’s quite a bummer Zach… 

It is a bit of a bummer but honestly there’s not much in ui: or force: that’s all that useful — most of the stuff there that is useful could be recreated in custom components very quickly. A lot of the components are far too generic or low-level to deliver substantial value.

I also have been told that over the next year, some of the “more useful” ui: and force: components will be made global again, and that they’ll have DESIGN files added to them to make them more easy to use, which would be great to see. 


Regarding your desire to use ui:inputXXX, ui:button, and ui:menu, Skuid has native components that accomplish the functionality of each of these.

All of the functionality of ui:input components can be accomplished using a combination of Skuid Models and Skuid’s Field Editor component. If you are interested in creating “unbound” input fields, you just need to add Ui-Only Fields to a Model — Ui-Only fields allow you to accomplish all of the functionality of ui:inputText, ui:inputDate, ui:inputDateTime, etc. For more info on Ui-Only Fields, see this tutorial. For fields “bound” to a true Salesforce / External Data Source field, it’s even easier — just select these fields from your data source and add them to your Model, then drag them into a Field Editor. 

All of the functionality of ui:button can be accomplished using Page Title Buttons. Just drag a Page Title component into your page, then add Buttons (the Title Template and Subtitle Template) can be removed so that you just have 1+ Buttons. With Skuid Buttons you can easily run a sequence of Skuid Actions using the Action Framework from a Button, you can Conditionally Render / Enable buttons, and you can run JavaScript if needed.

The functionality of ui:menu can be accomplished using Skuid’s Navigation component. Add a Navigation and choose type “Dropdown”. You can then add Navigation Items, each of which can be configured to run a sequence of actions.