all icons on page are not showing. Only shows a square box for all icons on page

All icons on page are not showing. Only shows a square box for all icons. We use the “paper” theme but it happens on all themes. We tried in Chrome and Firefox, also on Mac and PC. Only browser that does show icons is inside salesforce1 app it shows the icons.

There is no custom css,lables, or jscript. It happens on all our pages.

Benton,  I gave a quick answer and was told by our developers that it was not correct.  This seems to be a deeper mystery.  Would you be willing to give us login rights to your org?  Here are some instructions

Then send an email to with your Org ID and the skuid page where this is showing up wrong. 


Hi Benton,  It seems to work for me when I tested in Chrome OSX, Chrome Windows 8.1 and IE11.

Are you getting any interesting error messages in your javascript console when the icon fonts don’t load?  Anything pertaining to FontAwesome?

Nevermind, I was able to recreate the error.  I’ll look at it a bit more and respond.

Hi Benton,

This has been fixed in the latest patch release of Skuid (5.21.5), available now by going to the Skuid Releases page and clicking to install the Dreamforce 14 release.

perfect. Thank you.

Installed and working properly

Glad to hear this is fixed. 

It looks like this is happening again with the new release. Other than that the new release is awesome!!

Huh… We’ll look again. 

Hey Benton, While reviewing this post, I noticed your screenshot.  At the top of the table is seems that you are showing the count of orders by Status e.g. Overdue Items (66), Created (3), etc.  Nice.  Can you describe how you implemented this?  Thanks in advance.

Hey Irvin, its really easy. Just add this to your tab labels “({{$}})” replacing nameOfModel with the name of your model you want a count for. See screenshot below of mine


Be aware that it’s not dynamic though. Based on page load info for the associated model. :confused:

@Pat  Do you know of a way to make it dynamic on like a save action? 

Not possible without javascript. :frowning: