All Drawers table open on Page load in List view??

In Account list view,
Account Table with the Contacts as a sub-table in the display.  How to make that appear as a table with the sub-table hidden by default, and  I can press a button to display/hide the sub-table(Drawer icon).
Are we able to do the opposite, where the sub-table is visible by default, and I can press a button to hide/display the sub-table?

Is it possible?

It is not currently possible to open all drawers in the table,  or close all drawers. 

You open them one at a time with row action buttons. 

This would be a very nice function to have available. I am running into the same need.

I’m converting this to an idea for your consideration.  If this is somthing you really need,  vote it up… 

Is this available in the new release?

Would be very useful for me if we could define for each drawer if its default open or closed like sections in a field editor. 

Alas.  This feature is not in the Banzai release.  

See the tail end of this post for a work-around:…