ALERT: Upcoming Salesforce Critical Update will block usage of Fonts included in Themes

On December 10, a new "Critical Update" is going to be auto-activated by Salesforce in customer orgs. The Critical Update is called "Serve Static Resources from the Visualforce Domain". It has one particularly nasty effect  ---- when activated, this update blocks loading of Fonts that Skuid includes locally in its Themes when you are using the "skuid:page" component approach to implementing your pages. 

We have worked around this issue and fixed it for the Modern, Paper, and Mobile Classic themes in a patch version of Skuid, 5.21.5, available now at  This fix will be included for these Themes in Skuid's Winter release. 

In the meantime, we want to make everyone aware of how to fix this if you're using standard themes --- install the latest version of Skuid.

*** IMPORTANT --- for developers who have made a custom theme*** 

i.e. if you have cloned Modern or Paper or Mobile Classic and made your own version, you will need to change your theme to avoid this issue. Here's what you need to do:

- Within the Theme's CSS or LESS file (if you're using Less), you'll need to make the following global Find/Replace (there should be 5 references per file):

Find: "fonts/fontawesome-webfont."

Replace With: "//"

Thanks for the heads up, Rob.

Thanks Rob.

Rob, if there are critical updates or new known Salesforce issues or conflicts is there a way to mass notify all Skuid users? I am worried that as my project matures and as I improve my Skuid skills I am coming to the community a little less. I don’t want to miss an announcement that could save my bacon. Is there somewhere we can subscribe too these type of announcements? Maybe a locked post that we can follow or an email blast or something? I think that would be helpful. It might already exist. If it does, how do I sign up. Thanks!

I will 2nd the notification system.  As Rich stated, you visit the community less as you gain experience with Skuid.  I only noticed this because I checked the community to see what was new.  Can you also let me know if this will affect my custom CSS files? I did not recognize the above font syntax.  Our CSS is within a static resource and all pages reference it. 

Thank you.

How about adding a category that we can follow?

Eventually we’ll have to move our community to run on Skuid (Dogfood and all that),  but for now its on Get Satsifaction - which is a great product.  However they do not allow you to subscribe to email notifications for particular categories of forum posts.  Its all or nothing… 

We are thinking about how best to handle this though… 

It is December 10 and I have 5.21.7 and see that my UI is not rendering correctly with the Modern theme. Have you had other reports or know what this could be? Did 5.21.7 get the fix or do I have to downgrade?

That looks like a standard layout?  I’m not sure the Salesforce Update is the problem here.  Can you preview your skuid page successfully? 

And yes - the update is included in 5.21.7… 

Yes, it works fine in preview.

What do you think the problem is Rob? It was working last week.

Your first screenshot looks like standard layout.  I’m suspecting you have turned off your overrides or that your VF page is not calling the correct skuid page, or somthing like that.