Agregate Drilldown Parameters With Multiple Drilldowns

So I asked this 2 weeks ago but then said forget it but it’s come up again. Fundamentally just not understanding what parameters are passed on a 2nd drilldown for aggregate chart. Seen some related references on this subject but something I’m missing.

I have 2 aggregate models, lets say Accounts and Contacts. I have 2 Accounts charts that drilldown fine. From the 2nd chart I want to pass the drilldown context to the Contacts chart, which is on the Contacts aggregate model. Not seeing how to do that.

Ex/ So my 2nd chart is showing all Accounts in East that are Inactive. When I click chart slice I want that context to go to Contacts so I see all Contacts in those same Accounts.

I saw some references to the Highcharts API stuff, which is foreign, but even with that I don’t get how you’d use that merge syntax, if that’s what’s needed, in the drilldown options…or am I supposed to be using a filter condition instead? If so, still confused how to pass the correct context.

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Thanks but not really. I understand this part for the first drilldown (i.e. Chart of All Accounts drilled down to Accounts in East which is example you show.)

What I’m not understanding is now I’m on Chart 2, Accounts in East and the Axis is Account Status (Active, Inactive). So 2 bars on chart:

Accounts East = Active
Accouns East = Inactive

I now want to add a 3rd chart on the Contacts Aggregate model for a drilldown that passes these values in so I now see a chart of all Contacts that are in Account East = Active. Id = Id is not correct in this case since different model.

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But even with the filterable condition I’m not clear how the aggregate info gets passed. I understand we have to use alias names but still do not understand that in the context of drill downs.

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Thanks for following up and I’ll post back when able to try this in day or two.