Aggregation Condition/filter + Concatenate/Concatenate Distinct Function


I think a good idea would be to add certain functions that could make life much easier in Skuid

1- Ability to add a condition on each aggregation (if necessary)
Example I want to Count Aggregation on field: Status
But I only want to to count those with Status: “Approved”

I know this can be done by creating a duplicate AGG model and put that specific status in a condition, but when needed to do this on a lot of status and/or different fields, it can become a nightmare or even an issue of Heap Size

I tried to do this with a UI field formula IF(Status==“Approved”,1,0) and then AGG that field but did not work either

2- On AGG Model, Ability to use a function to concatenate or Concatenate Distinct on any field + indicate a Concatenate Delimiter (a comma, or

Example I Have 5 records with 3 different fruits. I would like to be able to list all the fruit name separated by a comma in a text field format (not a table)
Example Apple, Apple, Banana, Banana, Kiwi
Or use Concatenate Distinct: Apple, Banana, Kiwi

Those 2 idea, I can presently do in Salesforce using an App named DLRS (Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries), but it would be amazing having the ability to do such on Skuid, without me having to create Custom fields in SF for all this data

In case Dev wants to see how DLRS works to maybe see if ability to mimic it:

The app is Free and is open source I believe
And my 3rd favorite SF App!

In case any of the ideas listed above is Doable and my noob self has not Discovered it yet, please let me know

Thank you

These are interesting ideas,  but our models are pretty limited to what you can do in SOQL.  I’m pretty sure you can not write that sort of complexity in SOQL directly.