aggregate pie chart

Hello all,
I am converting a rather large file (over 3000 records) from a basic model to a aggregate model. I have a pie chart to show a breakdown by type for the basic model, but for some reason I can not aggregate the pie chart well. What I have done is aggregate the type by count (since it is a string) then what I would like to do is group by the same field.  If anyone has any ideas on how exactly to do this it would be greatly appreciated 

Hi Jack,

You might be able to set up a ‘count’ on the ID field of the record, then group by type. That would be useful if you were trying to count the total number of records, and then group them by type. 

This did not work. There is an error that states the id does not support the count aggregate. Any other possible solutions? 

Hi Jack, can you share which Salesforce object and fields you’re using, and what the exact error message is?

I’ve never run into a count issue using Salesforce Id’s, but it’s often perplexed me that I couldn’t count booleans. My work around is to simply use a number field that’s either 0 or 1 accordingly. If you have a “unique” records fields for the salesforce trick ‘power of one’, that’d be an ideal candidate to sum to get the counts you’re after.

Hi Jack. Are you still having trouble with this issue? If so, let us know what your status/issues are.