Aggregate Models (Combine Results from Two Aggregate Models)

I have three custom objects: Sale, Expense and Lead Source. Lead Source is a parent object on both Sale and Expense. I’ve created two Aggregate Models that work fine and show the following: Sales Per Lead Source (Aggregates Sales Model that Groups by Lead Source) Lead Source---------- —Gross Profit -----------------$10,000$11,000 Expenses Per Lead Source (Aggregates Expense Model and Groups by Lead Source) Lead Source--------------Total Expenses$5,000$4,000 Is there a way to combine the results from the two models. In my case, I’m trying to calculate the Marketing Return on Investment for the company’s various lead sources. Formula is (Gross Profit - Expenses) / Expenses. Ideally, the table would like the following: Lead Source----------Total Sales-----------Total Expenses-----------Return on Investment ----------------$10,000-------------------$5,000-------------------------100% Autotrader -----------------$5,000 ----------------- $4,000--------------------------25% Is this possible using Aggregate Models in SKUID? Any help steering me in the right direction is sincerely appreciated.

Try this post:

Thanks Raymond.  That is exactly right. 

Thanks guys! The syntax for lookup fields provided in your link worked perfectly.