Aggregate Model in Calendar

Is it possible to include an aggregate model in a calendar? I want to have a calendar that shows on a per day basis, how many of an item are currently reserved. Preferably with a template field showing (Reserved/Owned)

I have an aggregate model that is grouping records on DAY_ONLY and aggregating a quantity reserved. This gives me a table of exactly what I want, I just would like it in a calendar view. Is this the right approach here? Below is the table I want into a calendar view.

I don’t think this is currently possible.  Our calendar requires a date time field, and the aggregate model is only creating a string that looks like a date (its not even really a date field).

There are probably some really hacktastic ways of delivering this in a calendar,  but the aggregate model is not going to be one of them.

Rob…Couldn’t Craig create a dynamic Skuid model and ‘feed it’ with his declarative aggregate model using JavaScript?  You’d also have to ‘feed’ the calendar with the values from the dynamic model.