Aggregate Model: Grouping on long text area

Do aggregate models have the ability to group on long text area Salesforce fields.  When trying to group on this specific field, the model is not even showing the field (however, I am able to group on other text fields that are not long text fields) fine.  Is this a limitation?

Unsure whether or not you’re able to group based on a text field, but inherently I would advise against it. Especially with a long text area, you’re going to be looking at a tremendous # of groupings since the input for these fields are very arbitrary.

I would use a picklist to create your groupings as they’re much more definitive. Depending on what you’re trying to do of course. 

If your question more relates to the outputted fields for aggregate tables, you’re not going to be able to display grouped information other that the count, count distinct, sum, avg, max, and min of those records.

Is there ability to create a search of an field on a table/model without using aggregates.  That is the functionality we are kind of try to get at which is why I started at first with aggregate models and table filters.

Create a search of a field? If it’s reference like AccountID for Opportunities, the field should automatically search related records. Maybe throw up a use case of what field you’d want to be searching and how you’d envision that workflow would go?

We have expense flow into a custom object within salesforce- with these expenses, there are item descriptions from the supplier/vendor.  We would like the ability in a table on this description to search by these item descriptions:

For example:

Red truck
Ford truck
Orange truck

where every time truck is entered, all the records (red, ford, orange) show up.


Grouping on long text area fields is not supported by Salesforce.

Try changing your table to use SOSL searching.  This does work on long text area fields.  Click on the table.  Click on the Filters & Search tab.  Then click on the Search Fields item and select ‘Use SOSL to improve search performance’ and change the fields to search to ‘All Text Fields’.



Thank you for the information!