Aggregate model does not have grouping field in data (9.5.17)

Just updated an aggregate model, and the grouping field is no longer showing up in the model’s data during runtime.



As you can see, the data is grouped, but the grouping field is not in the data. What’s up with that?

I’ve changed the name of the grouping field. I’ve removed it and added it back. Nothing seems to make a difference.


I’m running 9.5.17. Was previously working on 9.5.16, I cloned the working page and made some changes, and today the cloned page wasn’t working on 9.5.16. I upgraded to .17, but that didn’t help.


It looks like the original page is working, so something about the clone got messed up?

I believe I found the problem.

When there is a condition on the same field as the grouping field, the grouping field fails to appear in the model’s data array.

So, when I have a condition Status__c != ‘Rescheduled’ along with simple grouping on Status__c, the alias for the Status__c field doesn’t show up in the model’s data as in the OP.

If I remove that condition, it works as expected.