aggregate groupping using number field


Just to make sure i’m not overlooking anything.

I do not seem able to create an aggregate Grouping based on a SF number field.

Is my only solution to create a new picklist field on that object (or text field) and have a workflow update that field with value?

Hope not

Please let me know


What about a Salesforce formula field that just equals the number field? Would a UI only formula field work?

Unfortunately, grouping cannot be done on a SF formula field, and I had tried creating UI-only formula, but this Ui field does not appear in list of fields available for grouping

That’s what the tech guys call a “double bummer”…

Yup. Been here as well. Workaround is to create a Text field that gets it’s value from the number field using: Workflow, Process Builder or Apex Trigger.

That’s what I thought, thx for confirming i’m not loosing my mind :smiley: