Aggregate field on a basic model table

Hello! I’m new to Skuid and couldn’t find a post that explains what I’m trying to do.

I have a table that is a basic model type (Equipment). I want to be able to display in that table a column that aggregates some of that object’s child records (Reservations) given certain conditions. I understand there are aggregate models, but I want to show a list of all of our Equipment whether or not it has a child reservation.

I think I’m close. I am able to have a template field show the current reservation quantities of each piece of equipment…but it doesn’t aggregate them. Picture below.

Any advice? Am I going about this the right way? Is there an obvious way to include an aggregate model in this table?

Thank you!

I’d reccomend you look into rollup summary fields within standard salesforce capabilities.  (But these are only available for Master Detail relationships… ) 

Otherwize I don’t think there is going to be a declarative solution. 

Hi Rob, thanks for the response. I’m familiar with roll up summary fields in salesforce (the quantity owned field above is one). The problem is I need a sum of reservations to show how many items are available within a given date range defined by another custom object. Perhaps I should give more background on what I’m trying to do. Equipment groups are checked in and out for a show. When someone wants to book a new show, they go to reserve their items. They need to be able to see which equipment is going to be available during their specific date range. I was building this natively in salesforce with an apex trigger but I felt Skuid would be a better interface for my users. Does this make sense?