After upgrade issue

All my pages are not rendering any Fields after upgrade to 10. X are there new permissions that need to be enabled with this update?

Hi Jason, can you provide details about what the page looks like? Are there any error messages you can share as well? Also, have you updated out of date themes since upgrading? This can be done from the Themes page.

Hi Mark, Example for a table all the columns show but I’m not seeing a rows of data. I can see the tabs from my tab set but the field editors below are blank or not rendering. I just updated my themes and it hasn’t help either. I’m not getting any errors on the pages. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated as my production org is now down because my users can’t see the records.

Is there any chance you could provide a screenshot? And is this happening for every page, and every user? 

When I upgraded to 10, one of my models got corrupted some how. I deleted and recreated the model and then everything worked fine. It only happened to one of my models on one page, though. Sounds like you are having the problem with all models. I would try deleting one an recreating it to see if that fixes the issue for any related tables or field editors.

Here’s and example

And another

There should be records showing here!

Thank you for this response Raymond. If you remember any details about the affected model, and what attributes could have set it apart from the unaffected models, we’ll appreciate any other information. 

Jason, is this happening on every page, or can you determine if only certain models/objects are affected? Which version of Skuid had you been using before? Was this problem present in your sandbox as well?

It was based on a custom object. I built the page before UI only models, but after UI only fields were released, so it was a Salesforce model that I used to create Ui only fields to use to gather user feedback and render components based on user choices. The model had 1 salesforce field and 3 Ui only fields: Two UI only picklist and one UI only text field.

It would probably be valuable to post the XMl or email it to Skuid so they can see why the model is not loading any records. Looks like the component is working, the model just isn’t loading anything.

Yes it’s happening on many pages but it’s related back to same SF Case object. I’m assuming there is no way to role back to the previous version? I think we were on 9.5.3. I didn’t upgrade our sandbox. I went straight to prod. I’ve never had any issues in the past. 

I would clone one of the problem pages to create a test page, then delete the problem model and recreate it. See if that fixes it.

I found this that looks really strange. In the middle of all my fields from a Case model I see this what look like a condition icon.

Something clearly went wrong with the upgrade. As Raymond suggested the model is corrupt. If I and the model in again the records will show.

That is probably a child object field, which is normal. I think you are right that it is the same as the conditions icon.

This issue was resolved outside the community. Please let us know if you see any behavior like this in the future.