After updating a field via row action and saving Skuid view not showing change

I am updating a field from a row action in a different model, save the record and re-query the model but the changes don’t show. The only way to show the changes within the Skuid view is to reload the entire page. I know the changes save because they show properly in the SF view.

I tested in my sandbox and can’t replicate the issue so it is something specific to my production org.

Has anyone else had this issue?


Hi Tami,

I start thinking along the lines of permissions, especially if the same page is working in your sandbox. I would at configuration (security) specific to the field being updated.

Does your page use standard objects? If yes, can you share the XML so I can test in a dev org?

This should get us started.


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the input. I was able to get around the issue by making the Account (the model the issue is on) model smaller.

Interesting. I am glad you were able to get everything sorted out.