After saving a page, its getting vanished.

I have designed a skuid page, after population any field when I am clicking save button this particular page is not showing. But when I am refreshing the page its showing the skuid page with all saved data. Plz help


Check where your Save button is redirecting.  Usually, you set this to “/{{Id}}” to see your saved record.



First of all, thanks Bill for your reply. But my problem is not solved yet. 

I did not add any button manually, I’m using field editor save button only. Actually,I have so many tabs in a page, a under each tab I have different pages and “business info” page is one of those, After clicking save button in business info (it is in 5th tab) page, the page in the first tab is showing, and business info is getting vanished but when I am refreshing the page all the pages are showing with all saved data.


Hi Rijia~

If I understand, it sounds like you are prematurely being taken away from a page you are entering data on via a Save on a field editor component.

Try adding a page title outside of the tab set like shown below. Add buttons in the page title for the Save/Cancel action (make sure you specify which models you want saved/cancelled) and uncheck Show Save/Cancel on your components.

Like Bill said, make sure you specify where Skuid should take you after using the Save button on the screen below:

Hope this helps!