After Save Redirect URL to Specific Page

There are three pages I built. 1. Contract Assessment Data Entry Page. 2. Contract Assessment Detail Page. This page is where the user can add more things like, tasks, notes, etc. 3. Contract Assessment Portal Page.

I’ve been able to connect 1 & 3 because they both share the same models and fields. But I can’t get 1 to save and then redirect so that the same information shown in 2 but with additional information.

Is this a visualforce page issue?

Every model has interconnecting IDs. This is also an exact duplicate of different pages with the same concept.

Hi James.

When you set conditions on your models you can use the id displayed in the URL to inject the value into the model condition. This is an option when setting your model condition. Provided all your pages main Models rely on the same id value to render at least the first models correct data (main Model) that loads on page render. After that you can insert the rest of your model condition values by either using the value from another model and model field value or as a Skuid field reference from a specific model in the format of {{$}}. This is if I understand your requirement accurately?