after salesforce signon show a skuid page

Is there a recipe to have my skuid page ONLY “RM1_Leo_C_Level” show after I sign on to Salesforce.  I do not want ANY indication that salesforce even exists.  Like a “Site” page.  A video would be great.

Try setting the default home tab of your App to a custom Visual force tab that directs to your Skuid page. So,

1st - create a Visual force page that re-directs to your Skuid page (not using page assignments, just using this markup:
<apex:page controller=“skuid.Redirects” action="{!redirect}&page=RM1_Leo_C_Level"/>

2nd - create a Visual force tab that is your Visual Force page that directs to your Skuid page. (Salesforce Setup > Create > Tabs > Visualforce tabs)

Then, in Salesforce setup, Create > Apps. Then edit your user’s app(s) and change the default landing tab from ‘Home’ to your new VF tab. You can remove “Home” from the available tabs of your app if you want, so users can’t go back there.

See if that works for you.

And this is my skuid page:

So, what would my visual force tabe loo like?

In Salesforce Setup > Create > Tabs, scroll down to Visualforce tabs and then create a new one.  It will prompt you for a Visual Force page, and then you select the one you created for your Skuid page.  The salesforce tab setup wizard then walks you through the profile security and which apps you want the tab available in.