After actions in page include firing multiple times

We have a page where a button opens a popup containing a page include. That included skuid page has a model with some “After” actions. The first time the popup is opened, the after actions fire once as expected. The second time the popup is opened, they fire twice.

I created a simple page that demonstrates this bug:

To replicate it open the main page and click the “Show Popup” button. Click on the “Refresh” button to trigger an alert message. Next, close the popup and reopen it. Click on the “Refresh” button and you’ll get the alert message twice.

Main page:

Popup page:
models.loaded alert(‘Alert!’);

Kartik, this issue has been addressed in Banzai Update 6 Patch 4, now available from the Skuid Releases page.

Wow that was fast! Thanks Zach!

Hah, sometimes the timing works out nicely with previously-fixed issues.