Advanced Navigation features: Toward building Single Page Apps. (Sample Pages Repo)

I was sitting in on a customer demonstration a few weeks ago. They had a really cool single page app that consolidated lots of functions across thier company. As you might imagine - a master page with vertical nav controlled the show, and individual page includes performed each function.

But they said: “I really wish when you reloaded the page - or used the back button to get back to the consolidated page - you could be directed back to the specific Nav element where you were. Instead of always being put back on the first entry”

I thought. I know how to fix that.

But once I started poking at navigation requirements - a bunch more emerged. So I did more experimenting and wrote a pretty long document about Advanced Navigation features.

It’s on our Samples Pages Repo. Check it out, and report back here if it helpful, or if there are other features you would like to see explored.

Studies in Navigation.

There is a lot more goodness in the Sample pages repo. Check it out!