adjust table filter based on chart segment/series

I have a chart where you can click on each segment and it's supposed to filter the model for the popup table to just show data for that segment but it's not working.

The action for the segment is

-Activate & Set Model Condition (model=ContactDetails, condition= [ClientLevelMaster__filter], value= {{{clientLevelMasterc}}}

-Query Model

-Show Popup

And the model (ContactDetails) has condition [ClientLevelMaster__filter] is ____, filterable but off by default.

The drilldown table only shows one of the levels and doesn't update.

Have you seen our documentation regarding charts?

Yes, and the setup is working for one of the categories but doesn’t update/apply the condition when clicking on the other segments.

What do you mean by “doesn’t update/apply the condition when clicking on the other segments”? How are you trying to link into the action framework to achieve this?

Series List for the Chart has Action Type "Activate & Set Value of Model Condition"

  1. Active & Set Model Condition: [ContactDetails] model, > [ClientLevelMaster_filter] condition, {{{clientLevelMasterc}}} value
  2. Query Model: [ContactDetails], Standard-completely replace data query behavior
  3. Show popup (with table of model [ContactDetails]

The condition for the model is Filterable Default On and named [ClientLevelMaster__filter]

It works for the first segment of the charts but none of the others...

Can you share a basic reproduction page where the issue is shown?

How are you deactivating the condition in order to reactivate it so that the second time it’ll work?

Stephen, how would you deactivate the condition in order to reactivate it? so that on clicking the second segment, the original condition is also applied? I’m facing the same problem

hey glenn, did you figure out an answer? It seems to be working for me. Are you using context in the pop/table?